{paula and jim}

Lakeland, Florida - Had some fun shooting this engagement session with Paula and Jim and their daughter. The wedding will be held in Rochester, New York. Jim is also an army guy and would like to say thank you for your service and best wishes to both of you. Ian

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Loving Letterpress

Article of the Week - From realsimple.com When it comes to stationery, there are few qualities more luxurious than letterpress printing on cotton rag paper. Between the thick, textured feel of the paper and the 3-dimensional look to the imprinted design, opening a letterpress note or invitation just instantly makes you feel like you’re holding something special! One of my favorite letterpress design houses – Elum Designs (http://www.elumdesigns.com) – recently released several stylish new stationery products for 2008, and I’m excited to share some of them with you today! Elum’s greeting cards and everyday notes are perfect for giving hand written notes and congratulatory messages a stylish twist – and their notecard sets also make great gifts for fashion-forward hostesses. Speaking of gifts, several of the new stationery designs are also available in flat gift wrap sheets, just in time for those graduation gifts! Pictured above: Brighten someone’s day with this thoughtful Green Grass greeting card, or say thanks in style with a bright yellow Sunburst thank you card. ($5 each) Pictured below: Seasonal celebrations come to life in these Winter Solstice, Summer Solstice, and Fall Solstice notecard sets. ($12.50 - $15 per set of 6)Pictured below: Aqua, chocolate, and bright green combine to create a truly fabulous color palette, as demonstrated in these gorgeous new notecard designs: Gerber Daisies, Little Shop of Floral, Sunburst-Green, and Kitchenette.Click here to check out the entire collection of new releases from Elum, including several new designs for the holiday season like the super-cute mmm…good! cards and the simple, chic Winter Wind set. Are you a letterpress stationery fan? What pieces from Elum’s new collection particularly strike your fancy? I’m feeling partial to Monkey Around and Perch Birds myself! Article written by: Jennifer Sbranti Jennifer Sbranti is the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of http://www.hostesswiththemostess.com/

{jaime and sean}

Hobart, Indiana -

I was really excited to shoot this engagement because I have not been shooting for months now (stay tuned to know why....) and I knew Jaime and Sean will be awesome!

High school sweethearts, Jaime and Sean were really into the session. It was never a hard time trying to pose or get them to feel for each other infront of the camera.

I had so much pleasure and enjoyed the town stroll with Jaime and Sean.

Weddings photos to come.. :-)

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Real Simple + Crate and Barrel

 Real Simple (http://www.realsimple.com) came out with their first ever issue of Real Simple Weddings last Jan. 28 which were also sold at all Crate and Barrel (http://crateandbarrel.com) nationwide. This is perfect for DIY brides or if you're into DIYs. I would really recommend this Magazine because it has some practical, cost-efficient and very creative how-tos on how to make a memorable real simple wedding. They have every awesome ideas from favors, flowers, hair and makeup to wedding decors, even guidelines on how to choose the right photographer! Check out this link: [Real Simple Weddings](http://www.realsimple.com/realsimple/browse/celebrations/0,21771,3504000000-Issue_Date-desc-88-1-25,00.html) All credits to Real Simple.


{kaliesta and patrick}

Kennesaw, Georgia -

First off, my city was cold prior to when I arrive in Atlanta (well, Chicago is still a little freezy!) and so I was really excited to go down south and to shoot a wedding.

Leap Year Wedding!!

We started with a nice get together and some engagement photo session the day before the wedding. They were very busy, you know how things go with the preparation and everything! Anyway, though kind of short of time, the couple still managed to treat us with some early dinner after the session.

My experience in Atlanta was awesome! The hospitality was incredible. (Thanks, Sue and Kevin!) But the wedding was something and I was glad to be part of it. To Kaliesta and Patrick, congratulations and wish you guys all the best in life!

~ the engagement ~

Kaliesta and Patrick had been “Officially Dating” for about 6 months when Patrick went on a golfing trip to Ireland. They knew they had something special, and they knew they would miss each other, but they didn't realize they would be miserable without each other! After many long, expensive, international phone calls, and many late nights chatting via a computer in an Irish Pub, Patrick called home to his mom and asked if it was okay to get a temporary ring. She told him yes, so he went to a store in Ireland and bought a tiny silver ring with a soliatire who knows what.

When he arrived back home from the airport after what seemed like forever, Patrick walked through the door to find Kaliesta waiting there for him and gave her a huge hug and kiss, and then dropped to one knee.

He asked, and she said yes.

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